The Shrine Big Band, Swamp Music, Reviewed in New York City Jazz Record



I’m so excited to share my first (and hopefully not the last) review in print.  Donald Elfman of The New York City Jazz Record honored me and the big band that I am proud to lead, The Shrine Big Band, with a beautiful write-up on page 31 in the October, 2015 issue:

He starts off by writing, “It’s a dynamic and pleasing blast to the ear to hear a big band presenting structured yet free music and going from abandon to quietly dazzling with smart ensemble writing and first-rate solos”.  We hope that you will come and experience that “dynamic and pleasing blast to the ear” every first Sunday of the month at The Shrine.  Also, if you did not have a chance to do so when we released the album in 2013, please buy it now!  Here is a paypal button for you to purchase the album for $15.  Thanks so much for your support, it means so much to me and the other 13 members of the band!